On Being Myself in a World Where People Judge Everything.


My name is Amy, and I am an asshole.

A revelation like this may seem humorous to some, but it is incredibly offensive to others.


I am not a person who holds back my thoughts.  I do try to not be offensive, but most days my mouth does not give a damn that my brain is screaming at me to “Shut it, this is not the time or the place”.

It’s entirely a mental issue for me, and a reason why, as an aspiring writer, I am so afraid to do what I love.

I want to write my thoughts and feelings.  Some of those are incredibly dark and disturbing.  George R. R. Martin’s red wedding is tame in comparison.


Other times I thrive off of rude humor and dad jokes.

I don’t always know what is going to come out of my head and onto the screen/paper or what my mouth is going to say that I may need a shovel or a really good lawyer for, but that is a part of me, and I have to learn to embrace it.

Locking this away is not an option.


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