Ok Goddamn It. I Like 4 Christmas Songs Total, Stop Ruining It For Me!


Ok Goddamn it!  Here it it.

Baby It’s Cold Outside is an Old ass song. It is not a Goddamn “Date Rape Anthem” It is a song about a woman who should be going to her place, and to her parents, for the night, when she would really rather stay with her man. He would also clearly enjoy the same thing.

The phrase “Hey what’s in this drink” is about roofies…. NO IT IS NOT. It’s an antiquated vernacular that has different modern implications than may have been originally intended. A modern equivalent would be “I shouldn’t tell this bitch off, but what the hell, I’ll say it was the booze”.

She basically states that, “I could spend the night, but even if you and I sleep separately, we should prepare for gossip”. Yes he wants so make out with her, but she is of the same mindset and wants to spend more time there, when she knows there will be a goddamn scandal.

If you don’t like my opinion, shove it, and don’t fucking try to discuss this shit with me, because I am so tired of people reading into shit. I am fairly certain that if it was intended as a Goddamn “Date Rape Anthem”, they wouldn’t have made it into a popular ass song in a mostly “Puritanical” society.


End Rant.


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