The importance of losing your mind…


It’s 6 a.m., the thunder and lightning are fighting to dominate my skyline and I am sitting here awake.

I wish you could imagine my thoughts, as my mind and sleep intertwine, dancing a forbidden tango that my body does not approve of.

Tragically, my disapproving matron, Insomnia, has pulled my mind away from her forbidden lover, shoving her into a room filled with screaming voices and overwhelming stimuli.

I find myself out of bed and in front of my computer without even thinking, the blinding blue welcome screen searing my corneas, and forcing me to blink away tears of pain.

The comforting click of the keys on my keyboard sooth my nerves and wake up my inner dialogue, the words leaping to life in my mind and then being born on the screen.

The screen, she must be beautiful, as her blinding light can light up my bedroom.  I have heard attractiveness described this way many different times over my life, so why should her shining brilliance be any different?

The words inside of my head stutter, reminding me that I have a title on this post, and so far my rambling doesn’t seem to support the idea I have presented you with.

My eloquence is broken, as I click a new tab open to pull up facebook.  My brain stutters and slowly dies at the monotony of the same things running down my screen in varied intervals.

“Seen this, read that, I knew about this two weeks ago…”

I think about the possibilities that await me if I can just shatter the box, that little room that my mind is currently huddled in the corner of, shaking.

If I can let her free, to get lost in this big open world, what could she do?  What would she experience?  What would she try?  Would she learn new and exciting things?

I reach into my thoughts, grabbing the prison cell that my mind has been sealed up in, and throw the box into the sky.  I feel the prison dissolve into the wind.

My thoughts float idly away, looking for something, that one thing that will thrill her.

That one thing that can bring her home.


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